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[9 Dec 2011 | No Comment | ]

Working hard produces results! It is no different with FOREX trading! There are a number of strategies available. It takes time to understand what is best to do. You have to decide what is right for your own individual needs. Below are some helpful tips to help you do just that:
Trading Software Platforms
If you understand numbers and how Trading software platforms works, you do not have to rely solely on a Forex trading program to calculate different trade possibilities for you. Obviously, you will still need to use your software …

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There is one thing you need to trade Forex: A killer chart? No. Every journal you may find on currency exchange? Not necessarily. The one thing you need is a platform to trade from.
What is a platform exactly? I’m glad you asked! A platform is actually a form of software which enables traders make wise conclusion before they make their moves. The more wise ones actions the more profits you get, therefore it pays to get the appropriate forex online platform possible.
Now, I know that you probably wish there existed …

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[16 Oct 2010 | 25 Comments | ]

www.leveragefx.com | How to trade Foreign Currencies using Fibonacci Retracements and Fibonacci Profit Targets.

The dollar declined sharply Thursday after Singapore decided to widen and raise its trading band for the Singapore Dollar. That showed tightening bias for Asia which weakened the US Dollar, which is on a path to loosen its monetary policy. US data meanwhile showed a widening trade deficit, a jump in jobless claims, though higher producer prices. News Provided by CMS Forex www.cmsforex.com Forex Market Analyst Nick Nasad

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[14 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]

Foreign currency exchanging or the foreign trade market may be the biggest financial market within the world, with a volume of around four trillion transactions per day. If as opposed to share trade it is even larger. Which means you would know how large the marketplace is. Foreign currency exchanging may be the exchanging of currencies in simple words getting weak currencies and marketing it once they come to be strong. And often a lot more intelligent men and women purchase a strong currency and promote the weak kinds. Foreign …

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[13 Jun 2010 | No Comment | ]

Forex trading with or even the foreign alternate market will be the largest fiscal market inside globe, using a volume of above four trillion transactions each day. If compared to store alternate it is even larger. Which means you would discover how big the market is. Forex trading with will be the trading with of currencies in straightforward words obtaining weak currencies and promoting it if they turn into robust. And from time to time more intelligent people purchase a robust currency and offer the weak ones. Forex trading with …

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[20 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]

Special softwares make automated forex trading possible in the form of non-stop currency transactions. Private investors, brokers and global markets interact on Forex, trade currency under the influence of the international real-time events. Forex conditions can change at any time, which is why an automated Forex trading tool should allow for an average control of the risk exposure. Here is what you need to trade on Forex: money, a personal computer, Internet connection and a program that tells you when to sell and when to buy currencies. In the absence …

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Forex Secrets The World’s Major Banks Use
The currency markets are the backbone of global economy and the banks are riding it like a bucking bronco. The banks don’t make their money from speculating or trading the currency markets they make their money from being the currency market. What I mean by that is that the banks are being the market so that they will make money whether you win or lose on a trade. This happens because the banks make money from the pip spreads on the front end and …

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[26 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]
Is Managed Forex Trading a Safer Alternative to Self Trading?

Managed Forex trading is defined as having your trades made by a professional. But is it a better alternative? In this respect it’s a like trading on the stock exchange. But what is forex? Is it truly rewarding, and is it safe?
Forex trading is based on making a profit by trading the currencies of different countries and trying to exploit the differences in valuation of one currency versus another.
Much like the stock market, it’d be feasible to invest in currency for the medium to long-term …

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[26 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]

Executing a scalping strategy by hand can be extremely difficult considering the quick amount of time you must be in and out of the market for your strategy to be effective. Many successful forex scalping strategies are built to be automated forex trading; the rules to the system are coded into a trading platform to automatically perform scalp trades around the clock.Using software’s to manage your best forex account managers account is not recommended for beginners for forex traders, software’s are more efficiently used by seasoned traders because they …

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[16 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]
What is a Forex Mini Account and How Does it Work?

A forex mini account has a lower minimum capitalization requirement with your forex broker and it has less leverage. What does this mean? It means that you can get started with less money and less risk exposure. Here’s an example of how a mini forex account could launch your forex trading business: Imagine you placed a trade using a standard account and you made a loss of 20 pips (pips are a measure of price movement). Because your standard account is leveraged, your loss would be …